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April 6, 2015

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OMG! My Body Just Changed!?
Believe it or not, although I am average height now at 5’6″,  I went through a period of being “Tall” (ie. Taller than most of my friends). As our bodies change our feelings and emotions around physical activity may also change. Having the right resources around to help you (parent and tween) will lead to healthier, happier girls! Scroll to the bottom for an AWESOME EVENT!!!

As girls,  our bodies start growing upwards and outwards quickly as sexual development starts between the ages of 8 and 13, and generally have a growth…

 spurt between the ages of 10 and 14.  Many girls have grown to their full height by 14 or 15 years old! (  

Some Girls might start to get more competitive,  and other might stop activity all together. There are so many reasons why girls stop or never start doing physical activity around the ages of 10-12. 

If a girl stops doing activity because of how she feels about her body here’s some ideas to consider:

  • If she is having pain or is growing quickly, it’s a good idea to see a physio to make sure that she is moving and stretching in a way that will prevent injuries and allow her to continue her sport safely!! Give a call!
  • If she is uncomfortable with her breasts, it’s time to go shopping!!!! There are a lot of different companies that offer sports bras or built-in bras specifically for the athletic girl! Check out orTriple
  • If she feels too tall: Remind her why being Tall is awesome, remember, you are your daughter’s best example. Listen to how you talk about your body. Ex.”I love my long legs, they allow me to see the top shelf without using a stool.” Mentorship is also very important, if she has a positive example to look up to that’s not mom. (Join Sole Girls …wink 😉 )
  • If she feels bad/overweight/not good enough to play a sport: Remind her of all of her amazing qualities and find an activity that she is comfortable with. Remember Sole Girls is all about being inclusive, encouraging and supportive of one another!
  • Understanding the learning curves and why girls change physically and emotionally around ages 8-12, can help keep girls get and stay active, healthy and happy! 

Nutrition for My Sole!


Sole girl in action!

On October 25th, we are having a BODY IMAGE and NUTRITION DAY called “Nutrition for my Sole!” at MEC in North Vancouver! 

It’s a pro-d day so we’ll be there from 
9:30am – 3:30 pm!!! More details are HERE! Space is limited, so please sign up quick!