Why Our Runs are just different…

April 21, 2015

Posted In: Running


I have never felt the power of Sisterhood and Community so profoundly as on May the 25th.  There is something exceptionally powerful about a Sole Girls Run and this semester was the strongest yet. 

Running with Sole Girls isn’t like any other run, it’s not like Any run that I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to A LOT) and here’s why.

Decked out in HOT PINK, with our Soleteer team of 19, and almost 45 solegirls about 10 more moms (and some dads too…we rocked the run, and the whole city!!
One year ago, we did our very first Sole Girls run and I think we had about 25 people come out and run with us.  This year, we had almost 80 people sign up and come out!!!! 

Here’s WHY being active with Sole Girls is Different than regular exercise.

Everyone gets or has:
A mentor and personal cheerleader – you will run with or near to one of our mentors, we are skilled in encouragement, we are excited to be alive, here, active and happy to share it with you, we will make sure you know that you are awesome and what you are accomplishing is in the bag (you’ve GOT THIS), we will come up with the coolest ways and ideas of things to do along the run  😀

A cheer squad. – Every single girl that is a Sole Girl knows that it is not a race, and she is out here to run for herself, to empower her friends and because she has the confidence to make goals and achieve them. Sole Girls were making bridges for their friends to run through, they were helping people up who fell, they were skipping, holding hands, using powerful awesome encouraging words, giving high fives AND empowering those around them.

You prepared mentally and physically – Some runs you may have prepared for physically, but when was the last time you talked about what you love about your body and what makes you strong?

There’s more too, but let’s look at some pictures first!

Our next Sole Girls Run is on November 2 2014.  SAVE THE DATE!