What’s It Like Being a Parent Ambassador?

July 30, 2018

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Parents are at the heart of our community. Since day one there have been many special parents who have helped Sole Girls grow. With fall just around the corner we’re going to be launching into a whole new season of empowerment. Parents often ask us how they can get a Sole Girls session started in their own community. All you need to do is become a Parent Ambassador! It’s easy; you find 7 girls (minimum), organize a time and place that works for everyone and we’ll send you a coach! We asked one of our sole awesome Parent Ambassadors Karolina about her experience getting a program up and running at her daughter’s school and here’s what she said:


Why did you want to start Sole Girls in your community?

I first learned about Sole Girls though a friend who had her daughter enrolled in the program. My daughter who is the same age joined a trial session in Yaletown and came back beaming. She had such a good time so I thought it would be awesome to bring this program to Deep Cove as well.


What was your experience like being a Parent Ambassador?

I love spreading awareness about the program.  It was really easy to get the community behind it and get enough registrations in order to get a class going.


How was the whole process of organizing things?

In terms of organizing the girls, I just looked for a day and a time that would be convenient for most people and once we figured that out we were good to go.


How did you go about getting girls in your community involved?

To spread the word I spoke to friends with daughters and parents at the school. I think it’s important that our girls learn about empowerment and equality from a young age. I believe that girls can gain so much from Sole Girls especially when it comes to self-esteem, being a good friend and feeling good about themselves. I also love that they get to be outside and explore our amazing community.


Want to become a Parent Ambassador and start your own program?

Send us an email at info@solegirls.org and we’ll help you make it happen!