What to expect when you are 7 days away from your first 5km!

May 22, 2017

Posted In: Running


The countdown to your first 5km is here!!! We can’t wait for Sole Awesome on May 28th at Mundy Park in Coquitlam. Here are some tools to help you plan the 7 days before the event.



Run about 2kms at your happy pace!



Run about 4 kms. Don’t try to go too fast, just what feels good in your body.



Do some running drills and keep your body moving! Running the stairs, or hills or speed is awesome fun physical activity.



Keep running and moving! A little bit everyday is great for our mental health.



Make sure you have all the pieces you need for the event! What are you going to wear on your feet? Put together your running outfit!



Rest day! Enjoy eating pasta tonight or other carbohydrates for dinner.



Package Pick Up! Pick up your run package at Rackets & Runners between 12pm and 4pm. Try and get to bed early tonight! Make sure your Sole Awesome 5km T-shirt and running outfit is ready for you to rock Sunday morning.



Event day! Get ready to run, walk and skip in the most funnest fun run you have ever done! Sole Awesome 5km starts at 9:00am. Make sure your are at Mundy Park before 9:00am for music, fun dynamic stretches and face paint!