We’re in Australia!

December 12, 2016

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This week Sole Girls went to Australia and hosted our first official LeadHERship Training in New South Wales, Australia!! Check out what Joelle had to say about her LeadHERship Training experience:

“​I have just spent a weekend with Ashley on LeadHERship Training. This weekend was valuable for any person working with young people. She was able to help us switch off our ‘adult brain’ and tune into our younger self for a little reminder of what it’s like to be a tween. This reminder was not only a little jog down memory lane, but an opportunity to identify what it is like to be a tween today.​

​Although the tools we had may have been different in our youth, the feelings, the emotions and the development milestones are all something that remain in common. Being able to connect the experiences of my youth to the experiences of youth today is such a useful and accessible tool.

​Ashley was able to easily tap into my inner youth and bring it to the fore. I appreciated her enthusiasm and her honesty. I recommend a LeadHERship training weekend for anyone seeking to create impact in young people’s lives.”

​- Joelle, LeadHERship Training Graduate

When you become a coach of any kind, you learn how to teach skills. LeadHERship Training will teach you how to connect.