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Do you want to support and empower girls in your community? Do you want to pursue an opportunity that allows you to make a positive impact? Are you confident, hard working, ambitious and like to set your own hours? If this describes you, we want to connect!


Who is Sole Girls?

We believe that healthy, happy girls make strong, successful leaders and stronger communities. Sole Girls is empowerment through physical activity and mentorship. Using creative running games Sole Girls empowers girls ages 5-7 and 8-12 with tools to develop healthy ideas about body image, media, healthy living, peers and self-esteem. Sole Girls offers Weekly Sessions, Camps and Workshops for girls ages 5-7 8-12, Training Programs for adult and youth leaders and fun active events for the whole family.


What’s Included in the License

Licensees will be granted the right to use the Sole Girls name and logo as well as receive registration for LeadHERship (Online or in Person), Sole Girls curricula (9-week program, 2-day camp and 5-day camp), Soleteer Training curriculum, tips and advice for coaching, Sole Girls emergency procedures, program supply lists, Sole Girls brand guidelines, tips and advice for managing and growing your business, website promotion, high resolution photos that can be used for marketing purposes, templates for marketing materials, discounts on merchandise and support from our coach and licensee community.


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The Ideal Candidate

We invite you to learn more about our Sole Girls License program so that you can decide whether this is an opportunity that meets your own personal desires, circumstances, and needs.

Some questions that you should ask yourself, as you go journey down this exciting road, include:
  • Would I enjoy running a program that benefits youth and their families?
  • Am I able to work as a team member within a licensed program?
  • Am I passionate about empowering and making a difference for girls in my community?
  • Do I have sufficient financial resources to put into this journey?
  • Am I committed to making this program a success in the long term?
  • Would I love to work with youth?


Why Invest in a License?

1. Be The Change

Navigating tweenhood is difficult! Over 50% of all girls say they wish they were someone else!  Today, girls face immense pressure from the media and their peers to look and act a certain way. By starting a Sole Girls Community, you will help girls build tools and support to feel confident for the rest of their lives.


2. Turn Your Passion into a Career

We love changing lives and you can build impact into your life too.  If you want to have a flexible work schedule and feel purposeful every day, this opportunity to flourish while pursuing a simple start-up process is easy to follow. A Sole Girls License Program presents the opportunity for you to take on a brand and proven curriculum that works and has built a reputation behind the name. Our License Program offers a structure for launching, operating, and growing your own Sole Girls programs.


3. Contribute to Community

We all need people in our lives who believe in us, support us and want to jam in a meaningful way beyond the small talk. Our coaches and licensees are just like you, around the world, contributing to making the world a better place.  Our private facebook group community for LeadHERship alumni and licensees with open new levels of girl power for you as a woman on a mission! Contribute to something greater, make an impact for girls in their community, receive the start-up benefits and a whole bunch of new friends to collaborate with! Sole Girls Programs helps girls feel confident in their body and abilities, imagine how you would feel with that same community for yourself?


The Process

Turn your goals and passions into a meaningful career.

  1. Do your research. Learn about our story and decide if this opportunity meets your own personal desires. What level of involvement with Sole Girls are you looking for?
  2. Let’s do it! Apply for a license. Sole Girls will get in touch with you shortly!
  3. Register for First Aid (CPR-C) training if not certified
  4. Completion of LeadHERship (Online) or in Person, Interview and Q&A
  5. Sign the License Agreement and attend Curriculum Training online or in person
  6. Market and launch your Sole Girls Programs!


LeadHERship (Online or In Person)

LeadHERship (Online) is a 12-week online training program where you will get centered on who you are, align yourself with your purpose and design a life of impact while understanding who girls are.

LeadHERship training (In Person) – Join us for a full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of empowerment, connection, and impact.

With the completion of LeadHERship you are certified to license and then coach Sole Girls programs in your community.

Centre – Discover your impact mindset, personal worth, strengths, and values and understand your personal story.

Align – Align your personal goals and energy with your purpose and get clarity on what it means to live a life of impact.

Impact – Take action and responsibility! Take the first steps to communicate your story and influence others for good. Develop skills to manage groups and relate to tweens.

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Get Started

To get started on your journey to becoming a Sole Girls Licensee, please fill out our License Application below. Once the application is submitted and reviewed we will be in touch with you shortly. We cannot wait to connect with you and start your journey to empowering girls in your community. If you are looking for more information, please get in touch with us.

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