She came home with total confidence!

September 8, 2016

Posted In: Community


Sarah Fillmore is a Sole Girls parent from Trail, BC. This week in Trail, Coach Maddie had the opportunity to sit down with Sarah. Learn about Sarah’s story and the impact Sole Girls has had on her as a parent and her daughter Olivia!


Last weekend Sarah’s daughter, Olivia, attended a Sole Girls 2-day camp in Trail. Trail is a small community in BC and often small communities have limited resources available for tweens. Sarah wanted to change this. She helped organize a Sole Girls 2-day camp for girls in her community. With her help, 15 girls attended a Sole Girls camp last weekend in Trail.

“With her confidence growing we just wanted to take it that much further.”

Olivia first attended a Sole Girls program in Kelowna, BC. After the program, Sarah noticed a change in Olivia’s confidence. With her confidence growing, Sarah just wanted to take it that much further. This summer, Sarah and Olivia invested in a week in Vancouver.

Following her first Sole Girls camp in Kelowna, Olivia was inspired to start her own business. During the Spring, Olivia collected average-looking rocks and turned them into something amazing. She added motivational words and quotes to the rocks to inspire her community. Olivia’s rock business was SOLE successful that she fundraised enough to contribute to a week-long Sole Girls Confidence Camp in Vancouver!

“Just knowing that she has more tools in being confident and handling different situations made us feel so good.”

As children approach the tween years, often they can struggle with the transition. Sarah believes it is really important for communities to have resources available for tweens to become strong, confident and kind leaders. Not all tweens have access to these resources, and with Sarah’s help Sole Girls is giving tweens the tools they need to build confidence.

Sarah and Olivia are true inspirations. The impact they have made on their community is outstanding. Thank you Sarah for sharing your story. You and Olivia are helping us make a difference for tweens.