Running for Girls

July 23, 2015

Posted In: Running

Sole Girls has spent this past 21 days helping Passion Foundation raise awareness about adversities that girls face.  Today we ran 21kms in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon, each km represented 1 of the adversities.


The issues we ran for are very real issues that girls IN VANCOUVER are facing.  Passion Foundation works directly with teen girls giving them hope and tools to live now and create positive futures.  Below are the videos local women filmed to raise this awareness for local girls.


There is still an opportunity to support by donating:


1km- Body Image Issues Ashley Wiles

2km- Bullying Rachel Kelly

3km Poverty and Racial Discrimination Baljit Rayat

4km Depression Meghan N

5km Discrimination Against Sexual Orientation  Madeleine Shaw

6km Alcohol Misuse/Abuse Amanda Burrows

7km Eating Disorders Carolina Cirillo

8km Low Self Esteem Kate Muker

9km Media Influences Vanessa Williams

10km  Anxiety  Roz Troll

11km Violence Katie Schaeffers

12km Racialization Frances Hui

13km Gender Bias Surpreet Hundal

14km Self Harm Loretta Cella

15km Physical Abuse  Margaret A

16km Hyper Sexualization Jenn N

17km Sexual Violence/ Violation-  Carol Todd

18km Sexual Exploitation Robyn Gooding

19km Sexual Harassment Jenn Walker

20km Teen Pregnancy -Jeanne  TBA

21km Social Economic Disadvantages – Amanda Wood