My Message to Tweens

You have the power to write your own story! What do you want yours to be?

Veronica Grocott

Sole Girls Coach / Langley, BC

Veronica’s Power Word

Nourish. I used to worry about doing the ‘right’ workout and eating the ‘right’ thing. Now I do what I feel nourishes my body, mind and soul through fun physical activity, connection to others and eating foods that FEEL nourishing to my body.

How Veronica Started Running

I used to get side stitches when I ran long distances and because I played sports and practiced yoga I thought I wasn’t a runner. Two years ago when I was living in China, I decided to change that story and trained for a 5K. Since moving back to Vancouver, I joined a weekly run group and have already ran two 10K races and two 5K races this year!

Veronica’s Happy Pace

My happy pace is when I feel free, when I can jump in puddles, high five branches and sing out loud-even if there isn’t music playing!

How has being involved with Sole Girls has changed Veronica’s life

Seeing other women who are enthusiastic about girl empowerment and knowing that we can work together to change our old beliefs and make the world a better place has inspired me beyond belief!