My Message to Tweens

My message to Tweens: 

Don't let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. You are YOU and that is beautiful and amazing, and more than enough!

Shayla Fiveland

Sole Coach / Calgary

Shayla’s  Power Word: Individuality

I think individuality is a powerful and amazing word. There is so much power in being your true genuine self and owning that in your everyday life. If everyone was the same in the world, liked the same things, thought the same way about everything and were never doing anything that was special just for them, there would be no excitement, love, creativity, or passion. Each individual person brings a new perspective on the world and life and being able to live your life confident in your individuality brightens the world a little bit more.

How Shayla started Running

I was never really a runner growing up, I was a competitive dancer and I really enjoyed dance and the arts. It wasn’t until I was an adult and I met Coach Erin and her family that I really started getting into running, and fell in love with it!

Shayla’s Happy Pace

I am a fairly competitive person (growing up as a competitive dancer carries over into my everyday life), so I like to try to challenge myself and match others around me. Once I find a pace that I feels like a challenge, but is also still comfortable, that’s where I tend to stay. I am gracious and kind to myself if I need to slow down for breaks though, because these are important when trying to maintain a happy pace! 🙂

Why Shayla joined the SOLE Community

I decided to join the SOLE community because I think it is so important to be empowering girls when they are growing up. We live in a time where people need to be empowered, and not beat down or made to think they are not good enough. The SOLE community provides a space where kids learn to feel empowered in who they are, but also are able to get necessary exercise that is SOLE important for mental and physical health. And the SOLE community is exactly that, a community….I love the fun, welcoming space where girls can come and be themselves and have fun, and I am so lucky to be able to provide that space to them.