My Message to Tweens

My message to tweens:

You are ALL amazing, just as you are! Being a kid is hard work and can be really hard at times. Know that at SOLE Girls, there is a community to support, inspire and encourage you on your own journey. Getting together with friends each week to laugh, play and move in the fresh air is the BEST!

Sarah Foster

Sole Coach / Calgary

Sarah’s Power Word

Mine is a power phrase – “You got this”. A reminder to myself that I CAN do hard and challenging things, a reminder to myself that I am strong, capable and brave.


How Sarah started running?

I started running in the spring of 2020 when other fitness options were limited. I loved running with my friends and I achieved some personal run goals too….I was hooked!


Sarah’s Happy Pace?

My happy pace is when my heart, mind and body are aligned. That’s when running feels like I’m floating along the path.


Why did Sarah join the SOLE Community?

I wanted to be part of the SOLE community as a way to give back to youth in Calgary. The lessons, friendships and activities shared at SOLE are things I wished I had when I was growing up!