My Message to Tweens

I want girls to know:
You shine from the inside out. Believe in yourself and the strength you have to chase your dreams.

My powerword is: My power word is GROUNDED. Being grounded allows me to feel centred and balanced no matter what life throws at me. I want to help girls be present, feeling connected to others and believe in themselves through a time in life of ongoing changes.

I started Running: When I was about 11, I joined my cousins in a “Turkey Trot” race on Thanksgiving weekend when we were visiting my Grandma in the Okanagan. It felt so freeing and fun to run with them along the lakeside route. Since then, it’s become a special family tradition and I love that it’s gotten me into running.

My HAPPY PACE is when I find my rhythm. Whether it be running with the chirping of the birds, to the beat of my heart or bopping to the tune playing in my head. I get into a groove that energizes my day.

Sadie Sugden

Coach / Maple Ridge but also Vancouver

Sadie is a full-time University student and also a tugboat operator at Granville Island!