My Message to Tweens

Be the unique, amazing, sparkly, beautiful, strong girl you were born to be!

Nicole Stetz

Sole Girls Licensee / Langley, BC, Canada

Nicole’s Power Word
My power word is LOVE. Do what you love, love what you do, LOVE YOU and spread love everywhere!

Nicole’s Happy Pace
My happy pace is a steady pace. And right after I’ve run up the HUGE hill by my house!

How Nicole Started Running
I remember running in gym class in high school. I always loved the feeling of hitting my wall then physically feeling the push through it. Years later I started running again to help with anxiety, clear my head, ground myself and enjoy nature in a different way.

How being involved with Sole Girls has changed Nicole’s life
I followed my “heart pull” and discovered my calling in life. This is the program I WISH I had when I was 8-12 years old and I am SOLE excited to bring it to Langley, the Fraser Valley and more importantly girls! My mission is to help spread love in this world and love begins with us loving ourselves!