Danielle Buchanan

Sole Girls Coach / Vancouver

How Danielle Started Running

Danielle started running after she had a near death accident that almost took her life. She was told she may not walk, let alone run! Danielle had an external fixater which is poles through her hips and across her pelvis! She decided an exact year to date of her accident to do the Vancouver Sun Run which was her very first race! Danielle completed the race with her father and sister. They trained in their local community in Maple Ridge and it was the most amazing experience. Danielle felt empowered running and alive! She hasn’t looked back since and has not only ran 11 sun runs but completed her first marathon May 2016!

How has being involved with Sole Girls has changed Danielle’s life

The most important thing Danielle has learned coaching girls is that you can make a difference in someone’s life and even more they will make a difference in yours. Danielle knows she is helping make a difference in these girls lives by encouraging them to be all they can be and let their inner light shine so bright. When a girl comes into Sole Girls and doesn’t make eye contact and is very shy, Danielle gives her space to warm up to the environment. The most rewarding thing is weeks later she walks in with her head held high and confident being in her own skin and coming to Sole Girls!