My Message to Tweens

Be you! Everything that makes you different makes you special and unique. Share what makes you awesome with others and let your magic shine! Also, you can do anything you set your mind to!

Annika McFarlane

Sole Girls Coach / North Vancouver, BC

Annika’s Power Word

My power word is ENTHUSIASM! Being enthusiastic makes me feel energized and excited, and I love to see others get enthusiastic with me!

How Annika Started Running

I started running in high school because my friend wanted to try running so we started together!

Annika’s Happy Pace

My happy pace feels a little different on different days. Some days I feel like a super strong galloping horse, other days it feels like I’m having an awesome dance party. Running at my happy pace always makes me feel strong and happy!

How has being involved with Sole Girls has changed Annika’s life

Sole Girls has completely changed the way I thought about physical activity and what my mind and body are capable of. I’ve also learned SOLE much about relationships – how to be a better friend and how to be kinder and more loving to myself.