Pacific Northwest Marathon Training: Week 6

August 8, 2018

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Goal Setting

Why is it important to set goals? Goals give you direction, motivation and keep you accountable to yourself! The PNW Marathon team discusses their goals in running and life and in what ways they overlap. Read below!


Training is going well, I’m finding strength in most things I’m doing. Finding time to fit in runs is always a challenge, but I’m committed and I’m feeling confident in my goal as long as I stick with it, so it just meals a little bit of goal setting on a daily basis that’s all! I did a triathlon on the weekend and set a goal for myself.  My friends were looking at the start lists in their categories and thinking if they could beat them and get a podium… this got me thinking that I hadn’t even checked mine out!  So I got curious and started to check out the names on the list. Sure enough it was a big category and lots of girls who could potentially beat me.  This was a tough mindset to go into the race.  So I changed it to just have fun, go hard, but most importantly have fun.  I also decided that I was going to try and tack on my long run to the end of the race and do a double loop of the lake (an extra 10km) In the end, I exceeded my goal! I ended up with a great race and I had a ton of fun AND I got 4th overall of all the women in the race and 3rd in my category. I did a 27min 1.5km swim, a 1:17 40km bike and a 47minute 10km which is vert close to a personal best for me… and the best part was I felt GREAT! I also got to reach my goal of adding the extra loop after a little break.


Ashley at the Elk Lake Triathlon


Goals!!! I LOVE setting goals!!! I say that because I am always setting short term and long term goals whether it’s travelling to India for a practicum for school or it’s training for a half marathon, goals are always helping me go in a forward direction in my life. I feel it’s important to set goals whether it’s switching up a run routine that you have, reading a new book, calling a family member you haven’t spoke to or choosing to go back to school (all of these examples are my goals) they help shift your perspective and create new experiences.
My goal for training this week is to run up to 15km 3 times this week and run 2 times 10km. Here is to redefining your finish line and living your best life!!!