Our Story

Our Story

We believe that healthy, happy girls make strong, successful leaders and stronger communities

Sole Girls is changing the world we live in by giving girls the tools to be physically active, connected, confident, and empowered. Our programs combine physical activity, personal development, and mentorship. Physical activity is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and contribute to a lifetime of health. Running is easy to do, it doesn’t require a lot of equipment and can be done anywhere in a non-competitive environment and is very community oriented.

Our company culture, who we are, and everything we do is founded in the soul of SOLE Girls. The way we see it, girls are the drivers of our future, we have a lot to share and learn from them and understand about each other.

The SOLE Values

Our values are everything to us. They determine who we are, how we make decisions, and how we show up in the community.



Support each other and accept being and feeling supported.



Everyone is coming from a different situation.



We love changing lives and believe self-love is important.



Get excited about life, physical activity, health and have fun.

Why Tween Girls?

Navigating tweenhood is difficult! Tween girls are faced with some of the most demanding challenges of their lives, when they start deciding who to be. At this age, habits such as eating, dressing, and new and different behaviours become more important. A girl's self-esteem can be influenced by weight, media or peer-pressure. Empowering girls, between 8 to 12, to set goals, be active, celebrate successes, be confident when facing peers, and understanding media, can have incredible benefits in how girls use their ideas, handle their relationships and plan their futures.

Why Running?

At Sole Girls, running isn’t about “being a runner”, it’s about connection, community and being active. Movement of our bodies is something that is good for our mental and physical health. It improves cognitive flexibility and creativity in ages 6 to 12. The movement of running builds endurance, boosts attention span and sharpens concentration. It is the simplest, cheapest sport that anyone can do. You can run with anyone, anywhere. Running creates community and an environment where connection is possible without barriers. Overall, running is an incredible source of self-fulfillment, it's a frustration destroyer, and a positive energy releaser.​

Our Mission & Vision



Sole Girls creates experiences that keep girls and their supporters moving forward with tools to live thoughtfully, mindfully and full of confidence.


Every girl around the world is thriving! She feels safe, has support and is living a healthy, active and empowered life.