May 31, 2014

Posted In: Events

The Sole Girls from Ivivva Park Royal and from Mulgrave Junior School came together today at the PMC Science Fair Fun Run!  The girls have practiced for 8 weeks together, running and playing active games and discussing important topics like who they are, what are their strengths, peer pressure, beauty and more!!  They also made new friends and developed some awesome new skills! They really accomplished something awesome every practice.   
I couldn’t be more proud of these girls today!!!!  They were so enthusiastic, cheering each other on, helping each other out, and completing the 5 kilometers! 
The race supports science fairs for kids, the funds go to the Dr. Michael Smith Endowment Fund for promotion and development of science programs for kids in BC!  Some of these girls could be the next Marie Curie! 

In total we registered 42 people, including girls, parents, and siblings! This is so fantastic!  Below are some pictures of our event!  If you want to join us for our next one, here’s the link to our programs page, or send us an email info[at]solegirls.org and get a Sole Girls program in your community!