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August 11, 2015

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The moment I saw the name of this little boutique on Bellevue, in West Vancouver, I knew Sole Girls had to get involved.


nognz is all about “brain fitness,” which is engaging your brain to enrich your life!!!  They sell games, activities, books and different ideas to get you “thinking out of
the box”.

Penny, the founder of nognz says,

“There is no single solution to brain fitness. A combination of physical fitness, mental exercise, good nutrition, stress management and socialization are necessary to maintain and improve a healthy mind that functions better now and lasts longer.”

Did she say Physical Fitness?  I LOVE the combination of fitness, mental games, nutrition and socialization – it is COMPLETELY aligned with Sole Girls!   At Sole Girls we focus on physical activity, encouragement and inclusiveness from peers and healthy living!

You can imagine how excited I am that nognz brain fitness is sponsoring and hosting our Fall Program starting on September 11th at 3:30-5pm for 8 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited!!

This venue is a block away from Ambleside with an incredible ocean view and the staff here is AWESOME too! Dr. Nognz is often on site and showing clients all kinds of awesome stuff that can affect your whole self from your athletic performance, academic performance to specific to coordination and memory!!

AND…… They are offering 5% off to our Sole Girls for anything they sell in the Store!!
AND…. They have also agreed to host our So(le) YOU SUMMER CAMP August 28/29th from 9am-330pm!  We’re going to be talking about bullies, friends, going back to school and starting school strong and full of confidence!!  We will also be playing a ton of fun, active games and meeting lots of new friends!!!

How Awesome is That?


We can’t wait to see you!


Check out our  Sole Girls Fall Programs and secure your spot today.