Navigating the Whoa Sugar Season

October 26, 2017

Posted In: Sole Girls Topics

Halloween is just a couple days away and with all the costumes, trick-or-treating and candy comes a new season; the season of Whoa sugars!

At Sole Girls we like to talk about nutrition using Go and Whoa sugars. Go Sugars are the kinds of foods that help us go, go, go! They give us energy that lasts and allow us to be our best selves; sometimes it even feels like they give us superpowers! Think foods like fruits, nuts, healthy fats, grains etc. Whoa sugars are the foods that give us energy quickly and for a short period of time, but often leave us feeling more tired and sick than before we ate them. They can also make us forget that we are powerful superheroes! These foods often have lots of sugar. Here are some tips for how to navigate the season of Whoa sugars with your girl!

1. Candy as A Symbol of Status

During the Whoa sugar season, accumulating candy becomes something that’s ‘cool’. Girls often compete to see who has collected the most candy and it can act as a symbol of status. Talk to your girl about candy and explain that candy isn’t bad but like everything it must be taken in moderation.

2. Empower Your Girl to Make Decisions on Her Own

Talk about Go and Whoa sugars with your girl. Provide her with the tools to understand why making healthy choices is important instead of just telling her candy is bad. Once she has a better understanding of Whoa and Go sugars, let her start to make food choices on her own.

3. You Are the Role Model

Adults, remember you are the role models! If you eat all the Halloween candy at once, your girl will mirror your behaviour. Remember to set a good example. If you have a tween, you may not feel like a role model because your girl doesn’t listen or want to hear your opinion, but she is always watching you! All of the habits she’s creating start with your habits and the behaviour she sees you modelling.

4. Get Creative with Halloween Treats Together

Whoa sugar season is a great time to spend quality time together in the kitchen. Instead of giving out traditional candy, try getting creative and making something special together! There are tons of options, like popcorn balls, chocolate dipped fruit, and anything pumpkin flavoured! You can even include your Halloween treats in school lunches.