Meet Coach Danielle

October 22, 2016

Posted In: Community

This week we chatted with Coach Danielle of Trail, BC!

1. What is your power word?
I have a power phrase which is Stay Wild. This phrase reminds me to stay true to myself, my heart and my soul, and 100% authentic. It reminds me to drown out societies standards and guidelines and live completely free. There is also power, courage, resilience and strength in the wild which I know I can full possess as well.

2. How did you start running?
I started being active at a very young age. Always playing baseball, basketball, volleyball or gymnastics. If there is a sport out there, team or individual, I have probably tried it! But there is something so freeing about running! And I am so excited to help my new team reach their personal goals!

3. What is your happy pace like?
My happy pace is right on the edge of comfort and pain! Steady enough to enjoy it but hard enough to push myself farther each time and reach my goals!


4. What is one of your current goals? How do you plan to achieve it? 
At the moment my current goal is to bring Sole Girls to my area and infect everyone with the mission, vision and values! I am SOLE excited to start helping girls in my area see their own potential and start believing in themselves and their abilities. I feel so grateful and blessed for this opportunity and am ready to make Sole Girls a huge part of my life.

5. Who has inspired you in your life and why? 
I feel so blessed that I have had the opportunity to grow surrounded by so many inspirational women. My grandmothers have been a huge inspiration to me since I was young, one of my grandmothers has been volunteering forever and really taught me the beauty in giving back as well as the skills of responsibility and determination. My other grandmother is a force of nature, proving every single day that women are strong and independent!  I also am surrounded by a handful of individuals in which I call my “anam cara” which means “soul friend” in Celtic. Each girl in their own way has inspired me by living their lives authentically, full of passion and with supportive natures. I am always blown away by their grace in sticky situations and there ability to rise from ruin.

6. When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel the most beautiful when I am connecting with Nature! Nature doesn’t notice the pimple on your face or that you forgot to wear eyeliner or that you ate 3 too many oreos today. I always feel beautiful, loved and strong when I am outside exploring this beautiful world we live in! 🙂

7. How has being involved with Sole Girls changed your life? 
When I was introduced to this program and company I could feel something magical in my bones. A vibration of sorts. . . and if that isn’t a sign of life changing greatness. I don’t know what is!
8. What is your message to tweens?
Life is hard, and painful, and cruel, and super confusing at times but you need to remember that you are worth it. You are enough exactly as you are in this moment and when you believe in yourself, magical things happen. And when it seems impossible to remember those things, call me! I will remind you ever step of the way!