It’s about the experience, not the race

July 6, 2014

Posted In: Running


A race to many is an accomplishment, and sometimes it is something you can tick off of your list as done.
At Sole Girls our aim is not to race, or to learn how to race, but to create an incredible experience in which a fun run and sense of accomplishment are the biggest part.  

Our “training” is disguised in a way that sets Sole Girls apart from a “running club” and also apart from a typical empowerment discussion/activity setting. We use running as a vehicle to  empower the girls mental and physically to run a 5km race.  Running also creates an outlet in which girls empower themselves about our topic of the day, and through personal things!  Our discussions allow girls a safe space to voice their opinions among friends with coaches and mentors to lead the discussion. 
As one parent put it best “My daughter doesn’t put on her running shoes specifically to go to run club, and she doesn’t prepare herself to be in discussion either, Sole Girls is cleverly disguised as both.”

Even our big run at the end of our 8 week program is not competitive.  Each girl learns how to run her own pace, and run how she feels comfortable while still pushing herself to be her best!  We have a lot of fun making sure there is no pressure and girls don’t question whether or not they will finish. Sole girls are strong mentally and physically to know that they will do their best, and their best is awesome!

Having Fun is Number 1!