5 things to know to prepare your girl for Sole Girls Camp

April 8, 2017

Posted In: Day Camps


We understand that there are a lot of things to remember when you are getting your girl ready for summer camp! We are SOLE excited to welcome everyone back to camp and meet new Sole Girls this summer. Here are 5 things to know to prepare your girl for an amazing time at Sole Girls Camp!

1. Arrive On Time

Camp arrival times vary depending on location, please make sure to check your email before the Camp start date for the start time. Please try your best to arrive at the Camp start time, as this will ensure we can get in all the fun activities planned for the day! If you are going to be late for Camp, please let your Camp Coach know by email or phone call.

2. Label Items

At Camp, we are always having fun on the move! With so many fun activities, it is easy to misplace water bottles and personal items. Before your girl arrives at Camp, make sure to label her items (water bottle, backpack, sweater) with her first and last name to ensure everything she brought to camp arrives back at your home.

3. New Best Friends

Sole Girls Camp is such an exciting experience for your girl! She will make new friends, learn new activities and tools for a fun, confident lifestyle. Sole Girls Camp is intended to be a fun time for your girl, and we encourage you to remind her of this! Meeting a room full of new girls can sometimes be uncomfortable and scary but everyone is in the same position! At Camp, our number one priority is to make sure every girl feels included. Instead of letting your girl focus on how many people she doesn’t know at camp, remind her that at Camp she is going to make so many new best friends!

4. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

​According to recent studies, between 50 and 75 percent of boys and girls attending summer sports camps are significantly dehydrated. This is why packing a water bottle for your daughter is SOLE important! During Camp, your girl will participate in fun outdoor activities and it is important for your girl to drink fluids before, during and after Camp. To ensure your girls is drinking enough to stay hydrated at Sole Girls Camp this summer, pack extra fluids for her to take to Camp!

5. ​Connect at the End of the Day

At Camp, girls are introduced to an abundance of empowering topics, some they may be familiar with and others they may be not. We encourage you to connect with your girl at the end of the day to discover what she loved and learned at Camp! Ask about what her favourite thing about the day was and what the most important thing she learned was. Connecting with your tween is important for building a strong bond between you two, and lets your girl reflect on the positives of her day. Your girl will be SOLE excited to share with you!