How to have a Happy VALUE-tines Day + Claim Your Gift!

February 13, 2019

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written by Sara Russell

Happy February, Sole Friends and Families! We’ve got some special love and message for to inspire you to have a unique kind of VALUE-tines…

It’s already the second month of the year– the time our resolutions and intentions really get put to the test and spring seems so close yet still far away.

February is also the month quickly associated with one big pink holiday: Valentine’s Day! 🎁

On that note… be sure you read this blog to the end because we have a special gift for you that you can enjoy yourself and share with others, here is a sneak peek! (Sole Awesome PDF for print)

At Sole Girls, we see images of sugary sweets, handmade cards with lots of glitter, those fun conversation hearts (Text me! Love Ya!), and giving little notes to my family, friends, and loved ones.

At its heart (hehe), Valentine’s Day is a holiday all about appreciating the people around us that we care about. 

At Sole Girls, we work with girls all year round to uncover our personal values- or the things we believe in and that make us each awesome! Values guide all of our decisions, big and small, and pave the way for most things in our lives, including our self-esteem, confidence, physical and mental health, friendships, what we post on social media, and everything in-between.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where we can celebrate what we value about our loved ones. Yet, those cheesy Valentines, while cute, don’t totally give our friends and family the full appreciation they deserve.

During Sole Girls programs, coaches and Soleteers exchange stories with girls about values and help Sole Girls uncover what they value in their lives and why. Sole Girls also appreciate one another’s differences in values and learn to see that what makes us different individually makes us awesome together.

Things like “Be Mine,” or “Fax Me” or “UR A QT” are nice, but do they mean anything? Is that really what we’re trying to say to the people who mean the most to us?

So, at Sole Girls, we decided to make our very own cards with a twist! We’re calling them VALUE-tines!

Each VALUE-tine is based on a specific value, such as:

  • Gratitude
  • Trustworthiness
  • Positivity
  • Strength
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Supportiveness
  • And more!

Our VALUE-tines are based on real values that we appreciate and talk about in our programming. And they are totally printable, free, and ready to decorate for your favorite people!

Giving a VALUE-tine to your daughter, friend, parent, teacher, student is a great way to tell someone what you value about them in a real and meaningful way.

You don’t even have to wait to give them out on February 14!

Share the love with us!

If you give or receive a VALUE-tine this February, let us know by tagging

@sole_girls and #HappyVALUEtinesDay #SoleGirls 

You can print and access our printable PDF 🎁

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