Happy Pace

April 4, 2015

Posted In: Programs, Running


If the words “I’m too slow” or “I’m not fast enough” have ever crossed your lips or someone around you’s lips, it’s time you learn about this magnificent thing called: your Happy Pace. 

“Well… I am slow!”
It doesn’t really matter if you think you are slow or fast, this is only determined by you.  You have decided you are going to categorize yourself as that based on how you compare yourself to someone else. You’ve also decided that this it is ok to be slow, but it probably doesn’t encourage you or excite you or even make you feel good — So click on Read more to learn the REAL DEAL….

Saying you’re slow is almost an apology for being the way you are. Sorry I’m unique. 
Note: Unique is awesome, don’t apologize for being awesome.

Defeating words are words that you use to describe yourself as less than you really are. These words are very unfortunate, overused and used as weapons on yourself and towards other people. They breed the same self defeating patterns as the words “fat, or overweight.” Why are they unfortunate?  Because we learn them as children, believe them about ourselves and will repeat them throughout our adult lives.  They seperate us from our inner awesome.

Many adults grow up terrified to run or unenthusiastic about sports because they think they don’t do it right, they don’t think they are fast enough or maybe even don’t have the right body for it.


So here’s THE THING
There is no “right pace” and fast and slow doesn’t matter.  Your pace is what you choose, it’s yours! The BEST pace is the one that makes you feel really good, and feel really happy. 

Listen to your body, listen to your heart, listen to your breath – they will tell you when you aren’t doing your happy pace.

So whether you are running or walking 1km or 100km, you should feel good about what you are accomplishing and proud of yourself for getting out and being active! 
And maybe, if you feel so good, you can encourage others to get active and find their happy pace too.