Happy Pace in the Snow!

November 6, 2014

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After 8 weeks of sunshine in our raincouver – this Saturday Sole Girls completed a 3km run in the SNOW!  
Running in the snow was an interesting experience for us.   It opened up the conversation of our happy paces and what feels good and comfortable.  
When we are in situations that make us feel uncomfortable, it’s sometimes difficult to be ourselves without being cautious – and That’s ok!

The super thing is to become aware of how it makes us feel.  Is it stressful, am I tense in my whole body because I am worried? Does it make me feel tired? Sometimes our whole body is tense (jaw, shoulders, fingers expecially) and we don’t know why.  We may end up getting hurt because we are not listening to our bodies.  These feelings and sensations are the best indications of our thoughts becoming real.  
What you can do: If you feel worried, where are you holding that worry, and how might it affect your run today? If you go at a different pace or walk or go with a friend will that change how you feel? Give it a try!
Check out these awesome photos that really capture the spirit of Sole Girls and the run.  These photos were taken by photographer Mark Bates.

Here are some more pictures that we took! (Not so professional.. but still awesome!!)