Happening This Week: Spring Break!

March 6, 2015

Posted In: Events

Spring Break is here and what an awesome time to reconnect with our families and regroup after such a cold winter!

Travel has always had a special place in my heart, it’s helped me build my confidence, make friends around the world and open my eyes outside of my current situation.

Although I have an amazing life in Vancouver, I’ve always had a passion for connection and learning beyond my little fishbowl.

If you are lucky to be travelling this spring break, we have some fun family activities for you to do together below, and also we will be connecting girls in our Spring Programs starting April 1st!

​I’ve personally been on a journey to complete a half ironman this winter and it falls on this weekend, I’m number 1216 in Campeche if you want to cheer me on.

This summer we are bringing this idea of travel and connection together for girls!  I will be leading a We Journey Sole Adventure week long trip to Costa Rica to help refurbish a school.  This trip is for women, for girls and for those who really want to make an impact around the world, and do something epic.

For those of you that are travelling somewhere hot this Spring Break, remember to wear sunscreen!