Go Back to School with Confidence!

September 6, 2016

Posted In: Sole Girls Topics

September is back to school month! After such a SOLE awesome summer, back to school can be exciting. A new grade, new friends or even a new school are all exciting events that are expected this time of year.


Some children can’t wait to go back to school but others are not looking forward to the day. Sometimes, you may have a child who experiences anxiety leading up to the first day of school. Your child may be feeling stressed about fitting in, friendships and learning in a new place. Sole Girls wants to help your child go back to school with confidence! Here are some SOLE awesome tips to help boost your child’s confidence this September.


1. Power Pose – Create a super power pose to use when you feel a need for confidence! We love the Super Girl pose which involves putting both hands on your hips and standing tall.

2. Set Goals –
Set goals that are meaningful and important to you! Follow through and make your goals happen. We believe in you!

3. Move your body
– Run, skip, jump or walk! Help your body feel good by moving it. When your body feels good your confidence will too!

4. Find a mentor – Find someone in your life who inspires you and encourages your confidence.

5. I am unique –
Remind yourself you are unique and there is no one exactly like you! That makes you SOLE awesome.