Pro-D Days, Clubs or Sports Teams

For Girls Ages 6–8 or 8–12

Through powerful discussions and physical activity, girls learn about what defines the “perfect” body, what changes we go through and what we’re putting into our bodies, and how we can make the best choices for ourselves. Our Workshops provide girls with a hands-on experience through fun activities, role-playing and mentorship.

Sole Girls Workshops provide girls with tools to build confidence, talk about nutrition and feel good in their bodies. Workshops can be designed to meet your needs and you can choose a full-day or a half-day. Workshops for Girls are perfect for parties, Girl Guide groups (Sparks, Guides and Brownies), sports and dance teams and community clubs.

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Workshop Topics

friends and frenemies

Anti-bullying and Inclusivity
Healthy Friendships
Mean Girls
Qualities of a True Friend
Value-based Friendships
How I Like to be Treated

confidence and self-esteem

Confidence and Self-Esteem
Embracing your Inner Awesome
Being Unique
Body Image and the Media
Goal Setting
My Values

nutrition and health

GO Foods and WOAH Foods
Energy and Food
Healthy Recipes
Foods and How they Make us Feel
Foods and Balance

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