MentHERship (14+)

Be a Role Model for Girls

For Girls Ages 14+

Navigating tweenhood in the “girl world” can be difficult and we believe no girl should have to do it alone. When a tween has a role model to look up to they are more likely to feel supported and valued.

You have been through tweenhood and have your own unique stories and experiences. As a tween, you may have experienced positive or negative body image, friendships, bullying or lack of confidence in who you are. Everyone has their own unique story and MentHERship Training is an opportunity for you to gain an understanding of how to share your story and empower girls through mentorship.

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What's Included

tools to empower

Mentoring is not just teaching or counselling – it's about building relationships by using your experiences to help others learn what you've learned, so they can live a happier, healthier life. Learn tools to empower tweens and establish positive and authentic relationships.


Get access to a community of empowering and supportive women. Join an environment of sisterhood and meet like-minded individuals in your community. Empower each other by empowering girls to believe in themselves.


Before we can run with someone, we need to take a walk in their shoes. ​One of the most important tools for mentors is empathy. That means learning to listen from a place of understanding, support and love while being OK with not trying to fix people.


Can you recognize your core values? What are your top five guiding principles? Discover your values and learn how to use them to help you make decisions.


With completion of MentHERship Training, you will receive certification as a Sole Girls Soleteer and will have the opportunity to apply to volunteer with Sole Girls in your community.

goal setting

Having ideas about what we want to accomplish can help help us learn to overcome the limitations we put on ourselves. When we learn to set goals we can have the opportunity to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Program Details

Start Date

MentHERship Training is offered at multiple locations and dates throughout the year.


Get access to a community of empowering women and support.


Become a Soleteer! Volunteer with Sole Girls in your community.


MentHERship Training is a 1/2 day intensive program.

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