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Empower Girls in Your Community

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​You’ve been through the bullying, the mean girls, the body image, the emotions of growing up and “get it”. You don’t want anyone, especially girls, to experience what you went through. Join a community of empowering women and create lasting friendships, while coaching and leading tweens to love physical activity and feel good about themselves!

License Sole Girls

Be the change in your community! License our programs and run your own Sole Girls business in your own community. Live a life of impact and make empowering girls part of your career!

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Become a Sole Girls Coach & Certified Leader

Discover your impact mindset, personal worth, strengths, and values and understand your personal story. ​Empowering girls starts with you knowing who you are, what you want, what your ideas are, and finding clarity in that. What do you want? Meet empowering and like-minded women in your community and feel connected in person.

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Become A Volunteer

You have been through tweenhood and have your own unique stories and experiences. As a tween, you may have experienced positive or negative body image, friendships, bullying or lack of confidence in who you are. Everyone has their own unique story and MentHERship Training is an opportunity for you to gain an understanding of how to share your story and empower girls through mentorship. ​

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