Fun Physical Activity Indoors

August 22, 2018

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With air quality advisories happening all over British Columbia you may be reducing the amount of physical activity you do with your kids outside. While you might not be hiking, biking or running as much as usual you can still have tons of fun being active inside! Here’s 5 fun ideas for how to stay active and connect with your girls indoors:

1. Have a dance party.

Kids love music and they love to dance!Have a family dance party together. You could even make up a new routine or teach each other different dance moves. Another great idea to switch it up is freeze dance.

2. Make an indoor scavenger hunt.

Find some items to hide around the house and let your girls run around and find them. You can make it even harder by adding a timed component and see how fast everyone can find all of the items. Let your girls hide the items for you to find too.

3. Create an indoor obstacle course.

Kids love creating and completing obstacle courses! You can come up with the obstacles together or take turns for who designs the course. Think about adding in some dynamic stretches like high knees, butt kicks or sumo squats.

4. Family yoga.

Yoga is a great way to change the pace of activity and get your kids calmed down for the evening. You can find partner poses to do together or find a guided yoga class to try online.

5. Use chores as an opportunity to be active.

Have a family cleaning party! Turn up the music and get scrubbing, washing and sweeping together. You’ll have a cleaner house and tired out girls!


These are some of our favourite ideas for getting active and connecting indoors but be sure to ask your girls what they think you could all do together to have fun! Often kids are super creative and have tons of fun ideas too.