Food Trivia!

November 22, 2015

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It’s the food that we put into our bodies.



The healthier the food, the healthier and stronger YOU will be!  So you can run faster, play with your friends, and have a strong healthy brain to learn at school and help your friends solve problems! At Sole Girls we make food fun, read on for fun Food-Trivia!



1.    I contain a lot of iron that gives you lots of energy so you can play outside and run with friends. (just like popeye!)

2.   My skin contains silica that keeps your skin and hair strong and healthy.  Hint: I’m green and long and it’s Jen’s favourite veggie!

3.   Eating 1 cup of me is the same Vitamin C content as eating an Orange.  I also make your bones really strong.  Hint: I look like a tree

4.   Eating me can cheer you up because I contain B Vitamins which help you relax if you are stressed or anxious. Hint: I look like a smile!

5.   The healthiest part of me is the white part under my skin.  It contains the most amount of vitamin C.  Hint: I’m Orange

Sending you a HUGE HIGH FIVE for testing your SOLE-LISTIC NUTRITION knowledge.  Check out the answers below to see how many you got right!

Now you’re the SOLE-expert!  Quiz your family at dinner tonight to see if they know the answers!!!

Answers: 1. Spinach 2. Cucumber 3. Broccoli 4. Bananas 5. Oranges


About Jen:

Holistic Nutritionist Jen Walker loves just about anything that involves being outside, including running, biking, yoga, golf, and riding horses.  Jen is passionate about making eating healthy FUN & EASY for the whole family!  Her favourite vegetable is cucumber and she loves Coconut Icecream!!