First week at Mulgrave!

April 25, 2013

Posted In: Programs

We had so much fun today at Mulgrave Junior School!!  The girls were positive and cheerful and very enthusastic about running!  
The girls learned a lot and were able to voice their opinions, and meet new friends in a positive atmosphere!! What I think is really special is,  I also learned a lot from them!!

1 of the big take aways for me from today’s session was the girls imaginations.  They have such awesome minds and ideas and creativity, as adults we can learn so much just by listening and observing the younger generations with open minds!

At the end of the session, the girls were asked, how do you feel – about today, about running, about the activities?
Their answers?
“Confident” “Really happy!” “The funnest afterschool activity I’ve ever done!”