Fall Scavenger Hunt!

August 29, 2018

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Back to School is here!! 

What better way to make it fun than a fall scavenger hunt!


  1. Find 4 different leaf shapes and learn about them
  2. Find 4 foods that grow this season naturally in your area
  3. Go Apple Picking
  4. Make Apple Chips
  5. Go on a nature walk with your family
  6. Make a list of one thing you are grateful for every day of Fall
  7. Find a Corn Maze
  8. Decorate acorns
  9. Do math with candy! (can you say whoa sugars!!)
  10. Volunteer somewhere for Thanksgiving
  11. Decorate a pumpkin with empowering words
  12. Bake a “fall” themed treat to share with friends
  13.  Go to a pumpkin patch and find the smallest pumpkin
  14. Design the ultimate super hero costume
  15. Help a friend with something
  16. Try a fall sport like soccer or football
  17. Make a card for someone and tell them why you are grateful for them


What more can you add to this list?  Make your own scavenger hunt list with your family or friends and seek to do something new every week or even every day!!