Coach Spotlight: Lena

October 31, 2018

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SOLE proud of this Sole Girl from East Vancouver!

She participated in our Sole Adventure to Costa Rica this past spring, where she raised around $3,000 for a community in need.

This past summer, her and her mom went on a large trek across the Camino Frances in Europe, that was about 800km in total. It was an experience of a lifetime for her, and we’re lucky to have spoken with Lena about her incredible journey.

This is Lena’s story:

The hike my parents and I went on is a pilgrimage that starts in France and ends at the coast of Spain. The one that I am on is called the Camino Frances, it’s about 800km long. We finished on the 25 of August and on our way home now! Me and my mom did the last 200km last year and I really wanted to go back.

Every day we woke up very early and hiked 20km-30km a day. We mostly stayed in small towns but every now and then we passed through a city. Everyone stays in hostels with a bunch of other people. You get to meet all of these amazing people from around the world and you always bump into them along the way. I loved watching the scenery constantly changing every day as I was walking through it.

The Camino that I did ends in Santiago de Compostela. The biggest thing I learned is that it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey  and the experiences you have along the way. I had so much fun I plan on going back when I’m older. It took us 31 days to do.

I learned that being around people and connecting with them is really important to me. I also learned to just focus on where I am and how lucky I feel to be able to do that amazing trip. On the trail I found it really difficult to take in my surroundings and think about where I  was instead of how many km left or how much longer of walking.