Coach Spotlight – Coach Sara

October 19, 2018

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Super exciting news! 🧡🧡🧡 Coach Sara has been chosen as a Relay runner for MS Run the USA this year!

Her favourite person, my Grandma Betty, has had an incredibly challenging year losing her best friend and keeping unbelievably strong so that Grandpa could have magical, joyful, and loving last days, which she provided and then some. She ignored some of her own needs in order to fully serve Grandpa. She wanted to do something that would celebrate Grandma and highlight her as the superwoman she is, so she applied to be a Relay Runner in her honor. And she got it! 


Sara has been assigned Segment 8, which goes from Denver to Wray, Colorado and is 178 miles on foot. She will have to cover this in 7 days, so roughly a marathon per day.

Each year, the Relay runs from LA to New York, covering 3,100 total miles, and is made up of 19 segments across the USA.

More ambitiously than running 178 miles (in an orange tutu!), She is also fundraising $10,000 for for MS research, check out her fundraising page here:

We can’t wait to follow Sara on this journey!