A Week of Female Game Changers

July 22, 2016

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International Women’s Day took place this Wednesday on March 8, 2017 and we are celebrating girl power all week long. This week is dedicated to featuring incredible strong women, that have made or are making a direct positive impact on their community. 

Check out the amazing female game changers, in the Sole Community and in history, that we are featuring on our Instagram page this week!

​Danielle Buchanan


Instagram: @danibuchanan_

​Danielle started running after she had a near death accident that almost took her life. She was told she may not walk, let alone run! Danielle had an external fixater which is poles through her hips and across her pelvis! She decided an exact year to date of her accident to do the Vancouver Sun Run which was her very first race! Danielle completed the race with her father and sister. They trained in their local community in Maple Ridge and it was the most amazing experience. Danielle felt empowered running and alive! 

She hasn’t looked back since and has not only ran 11 sun runs but completed her first marathon last May! Danielle is a Sole Girls Coach! The most important thing she has learned coaching girls is that you can make a difference in someone’s life and even more they will make a difference in yours.

​Danielle knows she is helping make a difference in these girls lives by encouraging them to be all they can be and let their inner light shine so bright. When a girl comes into Sole Girls and doesn’t make eye contact and is very shy, Danielle gives her space to warm up to the environment. The most rewarding thing is weeks later she walks in with her head held high and confident being in her own skin and coming to Sole Girls! ​​

​Kathrine Switzer


“Kathrine Switzer was in the habit of signing her college papers “K.V. Switzer” and did so when she registered for the all-male Boston Marathon in 1967. She wasn’t the first woman to run the race, but her presence as an official entrant made her a visible and potent threat to the sports world’s status quo. The simple gesture exploded when an official attacked Switzer on the course, grabbing for her race numbers and screaming and cursing at her before being body blocked by her boyfriend. The incident was broadcasted worldwide and put a shocking face on the hostility to women’s full participation in athletics.”

​”Time-Life listed it among its “100 Photographs that Changed the World.” Switzer was radicalized by the incident. Her 38 subsequent marathons (she’s still running them) include a win in New York in 1974. She led the successful drive to get the women’s race into the Olympic Games, has won an Emmy for her TV commentary, and is the author of three books, including her memoir, Marathon Woman. Switzer’s ongoing campaign to help women around the globe empower themselves through the simple act of running made her a 2011 Inductee into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.”

​- Makers Profile

Ashley Wiles


Instagram: @evaruns 

Combining her experience and skills in running, motivation, and coaching with her desire to help girls form strong, confident opinions of themselves, Ashley founded Sole Girls.

Ashley started running when she was 6 years old in her school kilometer club program. Growing up with mentors who were also runners, she sees the benefits of sharing the incredible sport that allowed her to develop running as a tool to stay healthy, set goals, and use as an outlet for frustrations. 

Ashley is using all her skills in running, motivation, mentorship and coaching to empower girls to embrace their amazing selves and gain confidence in their appearance and thoughts! She is also building a team of incredible young leaders, teaching them leadership skills, communication skills and building their confidence as well.

Natasha Smith


Instagram: @naatsmith

Looking back 4 years ago, joining Sole Girls was one of the best decisions Natasha believes she ever made. Natasha is a dedicated Soleteer and is impacting so many lives! Natasha finds herself learning life lessons from the girls she coaches as in learning to appreciate the simple things in life.

She says the girls she coaches always know how to put a smile on her face or make her forget about stress and to just have fun again!

​Natasha says the best gift she has ever been given is to watch the Sole Girls grow each semester and see the friendships they’ve created. The girls are like family to her and she appreciates every minute with them. We are SOLE honoured to have Natasha as a part of the Sole Community. She is changing lives and has empowered so many girls in her community to feel confident, strong and supported ​​

Chloe Scott


Instagram: @_scottch

​Chloe’s dedication to supporting Sole Girls is SOLE exceptional. Chloe is always willing to put on her Sole Girls shirt and show up to a run with a big smile. Her enthusiasm is contagious and one of a kind. At the next Sole Girls run, find Chloe and you will be blown away by her generosity, kindness and love for supporting others.

Chloe’s goals this year include completing a creative writing course, training for her first triathlon and running her fourth half marathon! 

Tam Miller


Instagram: @tachmi

Tam was a flight attendant at the time when she started running. A friend suggested running because the shoes were easy to pack on the flight. Tam fell in love with it and she got to explore so many cool places!

​After she had kids, Tam took a little break from running, but the rec therapist in her knew she had to get into it after her postpartum depression after her second pregnancy. Tam says she feels best when she is running! ​Tam is an inspiring Mother, Role Model, Athlete and Sole Girls Cheerleader  and we are SOLE honoured that she is a part of the Sole Community. She has done so much for her community and her dedication and enthusiasm are out of this world!!