3 things that make Sole Girls Camp special

July 5, 2017

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School is almost out and that means summer camp is almost here! We can’t wait to meet all of the awesome girls who will be joining us this summer! Wondering what kind of magic happens at Sole Girls summer camp? Here are 3 things that make every day at summer camp special!


Our mentors and coaches are the heart and soul of Sole Girls. They create community and a safe space for girls to be themselves and to share their stories and feelings. They inspire girls by being amazing role models, and having their own goals and achieving them. Our mentors have been through the bullying, body image, anxiety; all of the things that girls go through and in our discussions they open up and share their own personal stories and encourage girls to do the same. Our mentors care deeply about girls and want to help them be their most confident and awesome selves!

Fun Physical Activity

At Sole Girls, running isn’t about “being a runner”, it’s about connection, community and being active. Something that makes our camp special is that we focus on fun physical activity with no competition We want girls to love being active and competition can leave girls feeling discouraged to participate in physical activity. At summer camp you are a winner by showing up and getting active in whatever way that may be. Some of the ways that we make physical activity fun is with obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, lots of games, and dance parties. Being active with us is a way for every girl to feel included, encouraged and to release her inner awesome! ​

Powerful Discussions and Activities

Every day at summer camp we have a theme for the day and have a couple discussions related to that topic. Our mentors create the safe space where girls can share their own experiences and stories. When girls feel safe to share their own personal struggles and feelings, it allows everyone to connect deeper. Often girls don’t realize that they aren’t alone in what they’ve experienced or how they feel. Having a safe space to talk about what’s really going on in their lives helps to build a special community and makes friendships even stronger. These daily discussions are a special time for girls to be vulnerable and connect in a safe space.

We can’t wait to have fun getting active and connecting with you this summer! Registration for summer camps is still open!

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