Shannon Banal

Sole Girls Activator / West Vancouver, BC

What does being an ACTIVATOR mean to you?

With my own daughter coming into her tween years, I feel it’s important for her and other girls her age to see positive role models not just on the world stage but in their every day lives. I want my own daughter to know that she can be strong, confident, and pursue her passions no matter how young or old she is and the best way to make her believe that is to show her it’s true by the way I live my life.

How do you embody SOLE values? (Support, Open-Mind, Love, Enthusiasm)?

I feel very strongly that every human on this planet is equal. If I could only teach one thing to my children, it would be that everyone has a right to fairness and equality. I am also one of the leaders of the West Van Run Crew, a local run club that boasts members from over 13 countries! Despite our differences in age and athletic abilities, we support each others’ goals both on and off the track. I’ve led cheer crews for races where other members are running, we pace each other, train (outside of official crew runs) with one another – we even celebrate birthdays and holidays together. The crew’s success has stemmed largely from it’s friendliness and inclusivity – even our kids (aka the “jr. crew”) are always welcome to come along. I very much try to live by example. It can be easy to become angry and disheartened when we see examples of hatred, racism, & misogyny in the world. However, I try to always remember that the best fight against these is to live a life of love and support to others and to raise my kids to do the same.

Shannon’s Goals

Right now I am injured. I’ve been struggling with insertional achilles tendinosis for nearly 3 months and they have now found calcification (“bony bits”) in the tendon – fun stuff! So right now my big goal is to HEAL PATIENTLY! And in the meantime, do the work I am allowed to do and get stronger so when I am ready to run again, there will be nothing to stop me! And depending on when I heal, I would LOVE to run my first half marathon this year. All other goals are on the back burner until I know I am good and healthy and ready to push myself again.