Olivia Nussey

Sole Girls Activator / North Vancouver, BC

What does being an Activator mean to you?

It means that I get to still be involved with Sole Girls even when I’m not available to coach! It also means supporting a community that I believe in, sharing the message with other people in my network, and treating everyone I meet with kindness. It also means being an empowered person in all that I do.

How do you embody SOLE values? (Support, Open-Mind, Love, Enthusiasm)?

S – I like to get involved with the organizations and communities that I’m a part of. I like to use my skills and willingness to help out, and I get always lots in return.

O – I love being curious! I don’t make up stories about people, I like to hear their own perspective. My therapy training has furthered this value of mine and given me tools to be open-minded with my own beliefs and other peoples’.

L – I believe in LOVE. I want everyone to realize how loved they are, and most importantly that they can love themselves. Everyone wins when we love, so I like to try to focus on that.

​E – I feel enthusiastic about Life! Life should be fun, exciting and constantly challenging us. I do this by trying new things, getting my friends inspired about living large, and constantly searching for adventure.​

Olivia’s Goals

3rd Half-Marathon Road race, 1st Half-Marathon Trail race, gaining muscle and strength, Establish a daily yoga practice, read one book/month and start writing!