Lisett Raposo​

Sole Girls Activator / South Surrey, BC

What does being an Activator mean to you?

Sharing with family/friends what an incredible program Sole Girls is and how it has impacted my daughter and her friends!

How do you embody SOLE values? (Support, Open-Mind, Love, Enthusiasm)?

I strive to be a good role model for my children and students! I have personally gone through dramatic physical / emotional transformations throughout my life.. Loosing my dad at a young age, changing schools more than 5 times and trying to figure out where I fit in was my ongoing story and no matter what, I believed that food was my greatest source of comfort.

Although I was a happy and joyful person, I was carrying a great deal of extra weight. In my early 20’s I discovered that my potential was limitless! I made slow yet positive changes to my lifestyle and lost about 50 pounds that I had been carrying through my teenage years.. Setting a goal to run my first 1/2 marathon was a HUGE part of that journey! As a mom and educator, it is my mission to be a positive role model to the people in my world.

​ Although I teach and LOVE music, I also proudly hang my race medals in my music room at school – great conversations are launched when kids see medals hanging on the wall!! The arts and PE have so many wonderful things in common, and I love combining them in my classroom. There is a place for EVERYONE in this world and I believe that connections ( with self and others ) is where it all begins <3

Lisett’s Goals

To GET OUTSIDE more with my family & friends! To spend LESS time in front of screens / on devices To practice self care and be a good example for my son and daughter!

​To exercise 4x per week! To make my 40th year one full of adventure, change and less worry! To get a minimum of 7hrs sleep each night! To help our family settle into a new home / community / and way of life on Vancouver Island! To eat more seasonal local & organic food.