My Message to Tweens

Smile, dance, be true to who you are, appreciate those who help you, and always make time for yourself and your needs. If you ever are overwhelmed, think about the people in your corner, the strength you have to work through the problem and know that time will help it pass. Also, it’s amazing to see how much exercise helps; it’s always my go-to stress reliever!

I'm Leading these Programs:

Hillcrest Fall Session

September 18 - November 20, 2018

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Yaletown Fall 2018 Session

September 14 - November 16, 2018

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General Wolfe Fall 2018 Little Soles

September 17 - November 19, 2018

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Kate Phillips

Sole Girls Coordinator / North Vancouver

I am a super passionate North Vancouver resident. I appreciate the outdoors and Vancouver’s beautiful scenery for giving me the ability to do all the sports I love; hiking, sailing, swimming, paddle-boarding and of course, running! I also love to draw, paint, write, design and go to UBC!