My Message to Tweens

Do what brings you joy, and if you love yourself and love every choice you make, you become unstoppable :)

Jenna Jones

Sole Girls Coach / Vancouver, BC

Jenna’s Power Word

Integrity. When what you think, what you say and what you do are harmonious.

How Jenna Started Running

I started doing kids of steel triathlons when I was 10. I always did track and field and sports that involved a lot of running, but running to me was something I’ve always just naturally love to do.

Jenna’s Happy Pace

My happy pace is like the weather, it changes. When I run with friends I run to enjoy and share stories. Their are also days I just love the feeling of running forever and I go slower for longer times. I’ve learned over the years that my happy pace is the one that feels the best in my body at that given time.

How being involved with Sole Girls has changed Jenna’s life

The sole girls experience with Ashley for training was definitely eye opening. I’m excited and looking forward to this Fall 2017 and empowering girls to be themselves.