Gabriela Estrada

Sole Girls Activator / Toronto, Ontario

What does being an Activator mean to you?

It means giving back, engaging those who may have never been engaged before; inspire the girls of today to be leaders of tomorrow; creating a never-ending cycle and a passion for movement. Showing our girls that it’s okay to not be good at a sport and still enjoy it – and that’s the beauty of sport: there are multiple entry levels for everyone, regardless of your skill level. It’s helping light the spark within them, getting them excited, and watching the fire grow: their passion for physical activity.

How do you embody SOLE values? (Support, Open-Mind, Love, Enthusiasm)?

I believe that I embody the SOLE values in all that I do. I believe the sport, physical activity, and recreation are for everyone, especially young girls; yet, unfortunately, due to a variety of barriers, not enough young girls are being physically active or are active enough. Often, we overlook how movement has benefits beyond the what one can see, but also what one can do, mental health benefits, and social benefits (ie, teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, resiliency, etc.).

Being involved in physical activity can become your support system, whether it’s the team your one, the workout buddy you have, or just making that time for yourself to clear your mind. It’s about learning to love your body and all the amazing things that it can do, keeping an open mind when moving and the different ways of being, and being enthusiastic about it.

Gabriela’s Goals

My goals for 2017 are to host two girls-only physical activity days for 250-300 female youth in my community to expose them to different types of sport, physical activity and recreational activities that encourage them to move! I also want to connect with as many female youth as possible and look to break down any barriers that they may face in being physical activity.

‚ÄčI am hoping to bring 20+ female youth to complete their first obstacle race and enjoy getting muddy and overcoming a variety of obstacles, both in the races and mental ones that they may face in being physical activity!