Debora Sousa

Sole Girls Activator / Calgary, Alberta

What does being an Activator mean to you?

Supporting and being involved with organization that is in alignment with my personal belief for healthy body and mind. I am a believer in the power of personal development and wish I had been exposed to that as a young girl, being involved into exposing young girls to the idea of growing themselves as a person and being active is something that makes me excited about.

How do you embody SOLE values? (Support, Open-Mind, Love, Enthusiasm)?

It’s in what I do everyday with being a coach for the past 8 years. Coaching & mentoring is all about those values.

Debora’s Goals

As I just opened my business, the 80.20 Hub, my main goal is build a health & fitness community in Calgary based on positivity, inclusiveness, empowerment, authenticity and friendship. On a personal side, my goals are to find ways to give back in making an impact to the Calgary community also outside of my business. Get involved in community support, female empowerment and create a positive network amounts Calgarians that are making a difference.