Claire Begley

Sole Girls Activator / Whistler, BC

What does being an Activator mean to you?

Being an ACTIVATOR means being passionate about the sports you love, and about sharing a goal of inspiring the next generation of girls to engage with their bodies, their minds and communities, in order to make a positive impact and build the skills to make those life long connections! It is also about sharing your authenticity and your journey so that girls have role models of how life can unfold.

​As a girl being told that the hard times do pass, that a misstep is just a change in direction and that your attitude in life is everything, can be the very thing they needed to unfold their greatness in life! If i can help one child unlock their greatness from engaging in my community through yoga and other sports, then my job is done!

How do you embody SOLE values? (Support, Open-Mind, Love, Enthusiasm)?

I strive to be a constant pillar of support for my students in yoga as well as in skiing and soccer coaching. These kids are being challenged and taking risks, and in order to flourish in that, they need to know someone is there to help them through it.

Having an open mind is as essential as breathing. having the ability to be open to your students’ issues and to change your plan in accordance, can help break through barriers! you will be amazed how they will open up if you show them an open mind. Further, allowing kids to show love and compassion for those around them as well as to feel loved in a community can nourish their sole! Beyond all of this, having enthusiasm for something is what will carry you through to your goals. Embodying a deep seeded passion for life and your goals, will ripple through to others and they will be inspired by you and strive to their own goals with the same fierce commitment!

Claire’s Goals

My goal for Aktive Kids Yoga in 2017 is to share my love and passion for yoga, and its amazing capacity to facilitate growth, healing and gratitude with kids of all ages (big and small!) throughout the sea to sky corridor: specifically in Whistler and Vancouver.

​I have a few programs in the works for this summer that strive to promote mindfulness in everyday life as well as serve as a guide for cultivating long lasting happiness in children, as well as the rest of us big kids! These programs will take many forms such as weekly classes, summer camps, and a small weekend summer retreat for families, as a way to inspire each individual to connect with themselves, one another, as well as the beauty of nature all around us!

My personal goals for this year are to get back to my running and to complete a marathon. I want to get out into nature by doing things I love like camping trips, hikes, and rock climbing.