Why do they worry about friendships?

July 6, 2015

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Being a girl can be hard work… surprisingly as adults, we often forget what it was like! We have so many worries of our own that the tween years that were left behind are long forgotten.


Here are a couple of reason how it can help to remember… Read on!


1. The number 1 thing tweens worry about is their friendships…

Friends at this age often determine a lot of emotions, do I feel like I fit in, am I cool, am I accepted?If I don’t have that comfort or if a friend leaves me for another friend, it can feel like the entire world is caving in. As adults, when was the last time YOU worried about your friendships?  Possibly, it’s not on your top 10 list of worries. For adults, if we put it into perspective, think about the last time you thought about money (mortgages, responsibilities, bills, food…) probably that is a lot easier to come up with an example.


2. Who was I when I was a tween?

Remembering WHO you were can often help level the playing field.  Who were your friends, why did you choose them to be your friends, how did you dress, why did you choose those clothes, or did you choose?
These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself… as you ask these questions remember not to have any judgement and stop thinking about how different it is, but just who were you.  You may be surprised how many similarities you find in your own relationships to those of your daughter.

These memories can help us relate  🙂

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