The sexiest thing

March 22, 2014

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Recently Ashton Kutcher surprised a lot of people with his acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards.  He tells us that there are 3 lessons we can learn to be very successful. He says  “Find your Opportunities, Build a Life and Always be Sexy.” 

It’s the 3rd item sexy that startled me at first, “always be sexy”…

We live in an age where almost naked girls on TV are selling us lingerie and our teen pop idols are making very racy videos and most people don’t even flinch.  There’s a thought amoung girls that dressing a certain way will get them the attention they desire, make them look older, make them feel cool, or part of a group.  We’ve come a long way in publicly accepted “sexiness” and acting and dressing ‘Sexy’ is normal, but often confused with “Sl**ty”.

Enter Ashton, or Chris…
“The Sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart.”

This made my heart melt with inspiration.  What better message can we send to the girls who are in the background shouting “take it off!”? Sexy has nothing to do with your clothes, your external appearance or even your actions if they don’t come from a place of self-love.  If actions that come from a place of non-understanding/fear, likely they will not make you happy.

An example: 
“If I wear X brand, I will fit in with the cool group and they will accept me, and I will have more friends and be happier and boys will notice me and then I’ll be popular”… sound familiar?

Ashton is redefining Sexy.  And here is why you should too.  Sexy is something that will come naturally when you use your brain, and your heart.  He says “be smart, be thoughtful and be generous.” 

Thank you Ashton, stay sexy.