Soleteer Answers: Balancing Act with Friends

March 23, 2015

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Sole Girl Question: My friend makes me feel bad because she tells me that she feels excluded, but I have lot of friends and I spend my time with all of them! How can I be friends with everyone without making her feel bad?

Friendship is all about communication and honesty.  Ask her how she feels and maybe to give you some examples of when she feels excluded.  Perhaps you don’t know when you are being exclusive, so if she can tell you in the moment, that way you can try to include her.  
Maybe she is feeling insecure about your friendship and maybe a bit jealous of the other girls you hang out with.  If she is feeling a bit jealous of you,  she might feel this way because you have so many other friends and she wants you to only hang out with her and have your attention. Getting attention from our friends makes us feel special and awesome, probably you like it when your friends give you attention too!

You should continue to hang out with all your friends but take an extra moment to make sure that your friend is included. It’s possible that when you hang out with all your friends in a group she may be left out. 
You can also try talking to her. 
– Soleteer in Residence Karina

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